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Teeth Whitening at Kingswood Dental in East Sussex...

As your teeth age they darken partly due to natural processes and also as a result of staining by certain foods, drinks and by tobacco. Whiter teeth will make you look and feel younger again.

Thanks to modern techniques, at Kingswood Dental we can whiten your teeth quickly, easily and inexpensively. You have three treatment options.

At prices from just 250 we provide you with a home teeth whitening system. We explain fully how to use it and give you advice on how to achieve the best results.

If you prefer us to whiten your teeth, we call this 'in-chair' whitening. We give you a thorough examination, discuss with you the shade of white you'd like to achieve and carry out the process. This costs 395.

For badly stained teeth, more extensive treatment may be required to achieve the desired whitening. Again, we undertake a detailed assessment and carry out the treatment over the course of a few appointments. This naturally costs more from 650.

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