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Smile Design at Kingswood Dental in East Sussex...

A personís smile is a pleasant part of their appearance and facial aesthetics. As well as being important tool in communication between people, smiles can also be a significant way of expressing oneís personality.

Dental components like teeth and gum do play an important role in a smile. Proper smile design starts with a facial analysis, when the line between the pupils and the horizontal line from the connecting edges of your upper teeth (smile line) are [hopefully] in parallel harmony; the smile line should also harmonize with the upper curvature of the lower lip. Then we evaluate the colour, size and alignment of the teeth and gums, whether it is somewhat in the right places and proportional in relation with the face.

The required treatment can involve something simple, such as replacing discoloured fillings, or/and teeth whitening or something more drastic, requiring multiple crowns, veneers up to full mouth rehabilitation. A good alternative (or addition) to veneer/crown treatment can be orthodontic appliance called Inman Appliance (see video).

Once you present a confident and happy smile, people will smile back at you and many windows and opportunity will open!

Give thought to whether itís time to have a smile analysis and smile design performed by our expert dentists.

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