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Crowns and Bridges at Kingswood Dental in East Sussex...

When necessary, we can provide you with a crown or bridge, which should last for many years. A crown is a sort of cap placed over a broken or weak tooth and a bridge replaces missing teeth.

Aside from improving your smile, crowns and bridges have many benefits for your natural teeth and your oral health generally. We use our expertise and experience to assess what exactly is required and then take a mould which we send to one of the registered UK dental laboratories we use regularly.

Using the latest materials and technology the laboratory makes an extremely accurate and 'life-like' crown or bridge which we then expertly fit to your mouth.

Because we closely match the crown or bridge to the colour and translucency of your natural teeth it will be almost impossible to tell them apart. We will also advise how to best care for your crown or bridge.

Depending on the complexity and materials used, crowns cost from 369 each and bridges are from 369 per unit.

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