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White Fillings at Kingswood Dental in East Sussex...

Do you still have amalgam or silver fillings the colour of metal? Many people feel they look unsightly and at Kingswood Dental we provide white fillings. Thanks to modern materials, white fillings have properties similar to amalgam fillings and can last just as long depending on where they are in your mouth, what your bite is like and so on. We always advise you on whether white fillings are a good choice.

White is a slightly inaccurate description because we actually colour the filling to match your natural teeth. We have sophisticated equipment for doing this and can ensure a very accurate match so good that white fillings are very difficult to detect.

For front teeth we always use white fillings, of course. For fillings towards the back of your mouth, we can replace the old amalgam ones with white fillings. We recommend this is done in conjunction with teeth whitening and that the fillings are coloured to match.

White fillings cost from 35 to 98 each.

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